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The installation steps are quite simple.

  1. It is recommended to download the latest stable version of MariaDB although not required.
  2. Install the dependencies
  3. Run the billing.sql in your FiveM database.
  4. Configure vivum-billing/config.lua and set Config.Framework = "qb" if you are using QB-Core, leave unattended if using ESX.
  5. Start the resource ensure vivum-billing and everything should seamlessly work. Contact support if issues arise.



ESX is already pre-defined in vivum-billing/config.lua, but if you have changed it earlier and want to switch to ESX again you do so by chaning:

Config.Framework = "esx"


Navigate to vivum-billing/config.lua and change the config as so:

Config.Framework = "qb"


Standalone is supported, however you'll need some additional work inside vivum-billing/server/frameworks/standalone.lua and also change config as so:

Config.Framework = "standalone"